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Hi there all…………

I usually resume to posting photos on my blog instead of writing. But what happened to me tonight I must share, and I can’t do it with pictures. So:

Everyone is aware, more or less, of the fact that when you go searching for something on YouTube you might end up finding new things that doesn’t necessarily fit the words you typed in the search bar. Ok this is the thing that happened to me a few moments ago when instead of going to sleep I decided to open my PC, go online, open you tube, type in the search bar ~Welcome to Burlesque Cher ~and press search. Everything was ok, I saw the footage and I continued to browse the results, I clicked on the next video which was ~Tough Lover~ by Aguilera and so on until I came across the following title “Show me how you burlesque / WA Dance Studio” which turned out to be an interesting choreography. But now comes the funny shockingly weird thing. In the suggestions area You Tube usually gives you some other results containing the words you typed in the search bar. This time the first suggested video had the following title “KAZAKY at ANOUKI BICHOLLA Fall/Winter 2011/12”. Now comes the funny part: how the f..k can you type in a search engine “Burlesque” and end up with that. Ok whatever, couldn’t care less how it happened. The shocking thing happened when I clicked the link. And to be fair I will let you see for yourselves. (Please watch the video before you continue to read, thx.)


So, I saw the footage and at first I was shocked, than I thought to myself ok it was one of those Couture things, whatever, but then I started browsing on You Tube for the name Kazaky and the results were even shocking.





and the list goes on…

Now comes the weird thing.

Intrigued by the videos I goggled the name of the band I found their official webpage and on that page I found the following, and I quote:

“Kazaky is the modern phenomenon in music industry, outstanding nature of which comes not only from spectacular choreography and original sound but from unique stage performance. Within a short period of time Kazaky made a great stir throughout the world owing to their showmanship.

First of all, Kazaky is the syndicate of 4 individuals: Oleg, Artur, Kyryll and Francesco, who show incredible combination of man`s beauty, breathtaking plastique and magnificent charisma.


Many fashion publishings, bloggers and trendsetters made a special mention of Kazaky`s provocative style that combines sexual eclectic beauty of their hot bodies and the latest fashion trends incarnated in their image. Kazaky`s style can be characterized neither by a single word nor a certain trend. The colorful image supported by the respectable stylist Anna Osmekhina, consists of fancy fantasy, changing mood and improvisation that are making their very own style today. No doubt that the fashion in tandem with Kazaky are aiming for creating a truly shocking appearance.

The boys are engaged in choreographing, writing and performing new songs. All aspects of their work that are based on experiments and surprising solutions, stand beyond any bounding concepts. Creativity has no limits after all.
Kazaky is an amazingly alluring cult of dance, music, body, sexuality, fashion and provocation.
Kazaky is the next phase of the cultural progress.”

Now I consider myself to be opened minded but this is too much for me to digest in one go. So feel free to tell me wrong when I say that they are truly funny shockingly weird.

PS: please excuse my English but it is almost 5’o clock in the morning and I should be in bed doing whatever else, not in front of the PC writing. And for all of you who know me and will want to comment on this post that it should have written the article in my native tongue, I have a nice sentence for you: I can’t be bothered 🙂


One thought on “Funny Shockingly Weird

  1. Nice legs :))) That was the first thing that came to my mind when I watched the video :))) I’ve always have huge respect for women who can walk around and dance in high heels, now I am amazed that men can do it to :))) My second thought was: “I’ve seen people do much worse things when trying to make a living” :))) And actually it makes sense: you look good – so what? There are many other fine looking fellows. You can sing and dance? Good for you! So can most 4-year-olds :))) They found a way to make the world notice them 🙂 Survival of the fittest, nothing else 🙂

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